Serial binding transformation problem OH3

I’m migrating to OH3 these days and have problems getting the regex functionality to extract the data I need from my RFLink setup. Does anyone have a working example with sensors and switches using RFLink?

I tried this thing, and it returns the whole string, not the temperature number. It seems as no matter what regex expression I put in, it returns the whole string.

Thing serialDevice temperatureSensor [patternMatch=“20;05;Cresta;ID=2801;."] {
Type string : temperature [transform="REGEX:.

Have you tried using the example in the documentation for the serial binding?

Type number : temperature [transform="REGEX:.*?TEMP=(.*?);.*"]

Do you have the regex transformation installed? Enabling DEBUG logging for the serial binding should give some more info in the openhab log.

Of course I need the transformation! Thanks a lot for saving my day! :slight_smile:

Also, the example is wrong. In the example “on” and “off” is used instead of “onValue” and “offValue”. Also, “transform” should be “stateTransformation”. Anyone have access to fix that?