Serial binding with different databits and parity

I saw in the code that the number of databits, stopbits and parity are hardcoded to 8/1/none. But for my data to read I need 7/1/even.

I would like to extend the serial binding to allow this to be configurable like the baud rate.

I read the “how to contribute” section, so I’m here to discuss this feature. So, what do you think?

Any suggestions about the config format?

Those are actually configurable, see explanation of config keys in the wiki.

Try it out and tell it how it goes!


You pasted a link to the modbus tcp binding?! I was talking about the serial binding.
I can’t find anything about how to configure these params for serial binding and I also had a look at the source code where it is hard coded. So I wonder if it is configurable. Maybe you misunderstood my post?

Yes sorry, I thought you were talking about modbus serial binding (the wiki title is a bit misleading as the binding supports serial as well). The general purpose serial binding is naturally a different matter.

Could the config format could reuse the format introduced by the modbus binding?