Serial binding without things

Hi all,

I’m trying to migrate from OH2 to OH3.
I used the serial binding since OH1 to connect to Arduino. Following expression still worked in OH2:


, without things.
In OH3 there seams no connection available (logs are empty)…
If I create a bridge, I see that “serial:…:data triggered PRESSED”, but still no updates of the items.
I have over 300 items and I’d like to not touch the items configuration.

Question 1: will such expression work in OH3 serial="/dev/ttyUSB999@115200,REGEX(<A:T1:([-+]?[0-9.]*);)"?
Question 2: if yes, is there any instruction available to get it working?

Many thanks for your ideas!

No. That’s the 1.x serial binding and support for all 1.x bindings was dropped in OH 3. You must create a Thing (after installing the add-on of course).

Serial - Bindings | openHAB will explain how to set it up. Once set up you’ll link the Channels to the Item.