Serial Bluetooth on Linux - No auto reconnection


It’s my first OpenHAB install. I successfully configured my DIY temperature bluetooth sensor: data is show and updated in BasicUI.

I used serial bluetooth to connect to this sensor, so I used serial="/dev/rfcomm0" in my items file.

The problem is when the sensor is disconnect, it will never be reconnected. The only way to get it reconnected is to reload my items file. So I use a dirty crontab hack:
*/5 * * * * touch /srv/openhab2-conf/items/default.items

Is there a better way to get my sensor reconnected ?
Maybe using expire binding to reload items file ?
Or another way to get serial connection restarted ?

Thanks for your help.

This approach you would set an Expire binding on your temperature Item to set the temp to NULL. Then have a rule triggered by Item Temperature changed to NULL where you call a script that touches your .items file using executeCommandLine.

I don’t know the Serial binding so don’t have any other suggestions.