Serial freeze system

Happy new year to everybody!!!

i’ve a problem with my raspberry with oh.
i’ve backup and restore my configuration beacouse i’ve a sd corrupt.
seems ok but when arduino send on serial something (like a temperature or status of pin) system seems to freeze, like a stop. in habpanel there’s a red message on the bottom “connection lost” and after few second all it’s ok again, the configuration and the rules are the same , no change.
i’ve launch an top command trough putty and i see when the oh seems freezly that the cpu usage of openhab is at 125%.


i’ve made a lot of attempts and i see that the problem isn’t the serial.
at the startup i have one error with jersey and exactly every minute system freeze. i thinked that was the serial beacouse arduino every minute send me some states.but i was wrong.
i see a lot of post, i try to delete tmp and cache but nothing… exactly every minute for 10 seconds system freeze, if i made some operation with paper ui show error 503 jersey not ready and hab panel show lost network connection for 10 seconds.
it’s possible that the problem is due to the fact that i backup from rpi b to rpi b+?


If you have issues with load and UIs disconnecting, maybe there is some addon that fails to install. See also Basic UI - continually disconnects 'waiting for server to become available'

Thank you so much wborn. now i’m ok. i have delete some bindings and now it’s ok. thank you

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