Serial port: close does not unlock a blocking read

I encounter a problem with closing a serial port. The serial port is setup such a way that a read is blocking until data is received. When I close the serial port (in thing handler dispose), the method is blocking leading to a timeout in the thing handler and a serial port that cannot be reopened.
What version of are we using in OH 2 ? After a Google search, it seems to be a known problem ?
Is there a reason to not use a non blocking read by setting a timeout on the serial port?

We use nrjavaserial 3.9.3.
I personally did not yet come across the issue you describe, but if there is a newer version that fixes the issue, we should consider upgrading.
I planned to upgrade as soon as 3.12.0 is out, but I am especially waiting for this issue to be solved.

I can confirm this bug (on ubuntu 14)