Serial port conflict between zwave stick and jeeelink stick

Hello the community,
i’ve my openhab system working for more than one year on raspebrry pi 3 and openhabian config, with the zwave binding. i bought a jeelink stick in order to collect the data from my lacrosse weather station, unfortunately it seems that i can’t get the both stick working together,( it is zwave or jeelink). on the zwave or jeelink bridge configuration, i can only get the usb serialport: /dev/ttyAMA0 or /dev/ttyUSB0, but the stick are on port USB0 and USB1.
does anyone of you already face this issue, or can help me to solve it?


Type dmesg -T | grep tty on the console to find the correct ports.
You may also need to create symlinks if you are usíng more than one stick:

Thank you for your help Sihu, i’ve tried this yesterday night, and it works partially…i create with success the symlink for the Jeelink stick, but for any reason that I don’t understand the Zwave stick symlink is not yet created.
i double check many times if every things was correct on my files and i seems to be correct.
do i have to unsinstall and reinstall the binding or delete the Zwave stick thing?

if you have any clue to help me further you’re welcome. :wink:

Nope, your problem is related to the operating system and not to openHAB.

Because the sticks work when plugged in separately it could be one of them draws to much power.
So if you have an active usb hub lying around I would attach that one.

If not I would try a spare sd card, put only the operating system on it and attach both sticks and see what happens. While doing this you could be sure not to have made any setup mistakes while tinkering around.

Thanks for your support Sihui,
it work fine now. the mistake was coming from me I tyne l instead of on in the console…

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