Serial/USB ports issue after (not) using config-option Serial Port

I somehow messed up my configuration. What I did (using OH3) was select the option “Serial Port” in the OH config tool. In there, I realized I don’t want to change anything and closed the tool again.

Then I rebooted the system, and now when starting I see errors saying my USB zwave and enocean devices can’t get started again. Consequently, none of my devices will start working obviously.

for example, starting the enocean device produces this error (more in the logs attached):
Thing ‘enocean:bridge:FT4UC1XW’ changed from OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_PENDING): opening serial port… to OFFLINE (CONFIGURATION_ERROR): Port could not be found

I am running Openhabian on a Raspberry PI 4

my Lunix knowledge is very, very limited, thus urgently looking for help!

events.log (37.9 KB) openhab.log (86.5 KB)

I think you have to disable serial console. Go to menu 35 and make sure that
1 (RPi) Disable serial console is selected
if it is selected, then unselect it, follow the instructions and re-select it

thx. had tried that already. has no effect. The problem seems to simply be my serial/USB ports are no more there. when using LS I get an error “no such file”

ok. I am not that experienced… maybe the port number has changed?
and did you ty to unplug and re-plug in the stick and check with dmesg if you see any entry?

try lsusb

thx again. ok, I might have undersold myself a bit - I am not completely unexperienced :-). I did try all that, in fact most of the day. nothing helped. That’s why I finally reached out to the community.

Have a look in this file /opt/openhabian/functions/system.bash and search for prepare_serial_port then you can see which changes have been done. maybe this helps to undo some broken changes