Set brightness of LED using Siri/HomeKit


This might be a very basic and naive question, just can’t find any answers or guides to it anywhere online.

I’m trying to control the brightness of LED with PWM on Raspberry Pi using Siri and HomeKit. From what I see, the items in the /etc/openhab2/items has few options for HomeKit and they seem to be kind of limited or mysterious to me :). I’m guessing this might need some variables to be set and some rules maybe.

Would you mind helping or guiding me to the right method of doing it?

Appreciate your help.

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It is not a wrong question. It is just badly asked.

Yes lots


Read the docs

Probably, read the docs, do the tutorials, write your code and when it doesn’t work, ask your question again

As per my reply before, see item #8 of the post above. You can’t just barge in here and ask for code ready made for you.