Set desired Temperature - Eurotronics Spirit ZWave

Hello everyone,

I am running a recently upgraded OH3 with ZWave Binding on an RaspberryPi.

I have some rules which where configured under OH 2.5 and which are still running fine. They basically trigger the setpoint_heat oder setpoint_energyheat mode on each of my 3 Eurotronics Spirt ZWave Thermostats according to a daily schedule. Now I bought 3 new Eurotronics Spirit ZWare Thermostats and I discovered 2 things under OH3:

  1. I can not set the value for the temperature which is used for the setpoint_heat and setpoint:energyheat any longer, which was possible in OH2.5 with a simple click on the arrow next to the temparture for each set-point.

  2. In the thing properties I can see
    Allows to configure the desired room temperature”
    from which I assume it should be possible to configure a rule which does set the desired temperature for each room according to the schedule, instead of just switching each Thermostat from one Setpoint (heat) to another (energyheat). If this is possible, this would allow me to bypass the step of setting the temperature for the setpoints manually and then letting the rule trigger the setpoints, which always seemed a bit messy to me.

Unfortunately in the description of the Eurotronics Device there is no hit how to set a temperature directly. Maybe I am completeely wrong or misunderstanding something but if my assumption is right and I can set the desired temperature for each Thermostat directly without going through setpoint_heat or setpoint_energyheat I would appreciate your guidance on how to achieve that.

I tried to be as precise as possible but please let me know if you are missing important information to assess the situation.

Thank you very much!

Areyou saying you don’t get a setpoint style UI widget?

OH3 assigns all ‘number’ flavoured stuff a passive display-only widget to begin with.

Thanks for your swift response. That solves the issues mentioned under No1. Great!

However, if possible I would appreciate a solution which is more advanced than my previous setup. Even if it is not possible to set the desired temperature for each Thermostat directly, I figured out that at least theoretically it should be possible to set the value for the setpoint_heat and setpoint_energyheat from within the same rule that triggers the mode to one of both. The advantage here would be again that the rules will always overwrite any modifications I made on the Thermostat manually the next time they are triggered. That is necessary, because these devices do set a new value for the setpoint_heat if you use the hardware buttons on the device to adjust the temperature ie if you want to have it a bit more cozy on one of these winter days but you don’t want the more cozy temperature on ALL winterdays from now on.

I am using the Spirit a bit different but maybe it could help you.
I have the “setpoint_heat” fixed at 28°C which I am activating on Basic UI if needed.

I have a rule which sets the heating mode to “energyheat” every evening.
May it helps, but I am still on rules files:

rule "20:00 Uhr Nachtabsenkung Buero"
    Time cron "0 0 20 ? * * *"

rule "8:55 Uhr Ende Nachtabsenkung Buero"
    Time cron "0 55 8 ? * * *"

It’s in German but I guess you can understand how it works.

Thank you very much for your example which actuall might help a lot here.

Do I understand correctly that
changes the target temperature of the setpointenergyheat to 16°C?

Yes, that’s right.
And the following command “11” sets the mode to “energyheat” in case someone activated heating mode during the day.