Set timer for switch Homematic HM-LC-Sw4-DR-2 DIN rail switch, Question about channels

Hi, I have a Homematic HM-LC-Sw4-DR-2 DIN rail 4x switch and it is showing these channels in OH3:

I don´t find any documentation how to send a command on to the switch with a timer. I know that in the homematic world you need to send the timer first and then turn it on, but this does not seem to work here. I am also unsure about the On Time Channel and On Time Automatic Channel. How can i use them in OH3? Are they receiving commands or read only?

Has anyone some insights here?

some updates in case someone is interested, what i could find so far is that the “On Time channel” and “On Time Automatic” cannot be addressed from OH to trigger e.g. a timer. It also does not seem possible to trigger a time to the switch. The workaround is to create a rule in homematic and switch it on with the GATEWAY EXTRA channel via openHAB. I am aware that i can create timer with openHAB and the expire meta data timer possibility is very interesting as well, in this case i am triggering a watering system so i want to transfer the timer to the actuator and not keep this within any system that eventually can break down once triggered and as a consequence watering would not stop. In case of a lightbulb this would be a different story :slight_smile: