Set title of analyizer charts?

As an exercise I’m going through some of my similar Items and creating a custom list widget to reuse across them. As I code them up and configure them with the analyzer action I noticed that the title on the chart is always the name of the Item.

Is there a property or configuration that would let me set the title of the chart from a props?

I would have expected the Item’s label to be use instead of it’s name.

This isn’t really a big deal, just a small detail I noticed.

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I don’t think that this is currently possible.
The analyzer gets the item/or items from the url and generates the title like the following:

  computed: {
    titleDisplayText () {
      if (!this.items || !this.items.length) return 'Analyze'
      if (this.items.length === 1) return this.items[0].name
      return this.items[0].name + ' + ' + (this.items.length - 1)

So if no items are passed, the title will get “Analyze”.
Otherwise the name of the item, or the name of the item +1 if more than one item is passed as an argument

See line 512:

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This is indeed code from perhaps a year ago that wasn’t touched since.

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