Set zwave scene manually

Is there a way in OH2 to set a zwave scene manually via rule?

I know scene can be published by a zwave device automatically if a event on this device is triggered

Number switch_01 “Text” { channel=“zwave:device:xxx:nodexx:scene_number” }
will give me this information

Is it possible to set a zwave scene manually via rule.

something like:
postcommand(zwave_scene_number_set, 1.1)

Sure - if you want to trigger a rule as if the scene was triggered over Z-Wave, then you should just set the item to the value of the scene - so what you have proposed should work fine if I understand you correctly.

Hello chris,

cool, I will try it

Something like:
Number switch_01 “Text” { channel=“zwave:device:xxx:nodexx:scene_number” }

Is there an overview, which zwave scene has which scene number?
Something like:
general alarm 0x01
temperature alarm 0x02

No - this is 100% down to the device you are using. Often a scene will be linked to a button on a remote controller, but this is defined by the controller - not zwave.

Ah, you misunderstood me.

I mean the zwave scenes which I can configure via Habmin. See screenshot

There must be something like a zwave “general Alarm, water flood alarm, …” scene which can be published to the zwave network. An actors can react on them. Are there general scene numbers or whatever available to publish this to the zwave network.

Same with siren, they will react on the specific scene which is published. Or am I wrong?

With what? I don’t think I did…

No - there’s not. As I said, a device will define this. For example, in a remote control, if you push button 1, it might send scene 1, push button 2 and it might send scene 2 etc…

You have listed notifications - this is not the same as scenes. For notifications, there are standards defined by Zwave - this isn’t the case for scenes.

Ah, now I understand I mixed them. Thanks.