Setpoint and multiple Bindings

Hello, I what to control my TV with the openhab binding (a panasonic tv). All works ok, but at the moment I have

Switch FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeUp “Volume Up” (FF_LivingRoom, gTV) {panasonictv=“sala:VOLUP”}
Switch FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeDown “Volume Down” (FF_LivingRoom, gTV) {panasonictv=“sala:VOLDOWN”}

I would like to have a button up and a button down, like the ones in Setpoint of Site Maps. But I don’t know who to make one button call the VOLUP binding and the other call VOLDOWN. Is this possible?

Thsnk You

Use a Design Pattern: Proxy Item to put on your sitemap and use a Mappings to make the two buttons and a Rule to forward the command to the right Switch.

Switch FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeProxy "Volume"
rule "Tv Volume Proxy received command"
    Item FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeProxy received command
    if(receivedCommand == ON) 	FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeUp.sendCommand(ON)
    else FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeDown.sendCommand(ON)
    Switch item="FF_LivingRoom_LivingRoom_TvVolumeProxy" mappings=[ON="Up", OFF="Down"]