Setpoint number picker doesn't work for un-initialized items

Basic issue:
Clicking UP or DOWN has no effect in Number Picker for a Setpoint of un-initialized Number item.

It used to work before updated runtime and add-ons in Feb. The previous behavior - the first Number Picker click would set the MinValue.

Server side - openhab1. UI side is either Android or Basic UI, same behavior.

Background/usability impact:
Eco setpoint is often not reported by Honeywell zwave thermostats. With previous behavior of the Number Picker I was able to set it manually. With current behavior un-initialized Setpoint can’t be “fixed” via UI.


Number GrandRoomSetPointEco     "Set Eco Temperature [%d °F]"                   <current_temp>                      {zwave="4:command=thermostat_setpoint,setpoint_type=11,setpoint_scale=1"}


Setpoint  item=GrandRoomSetPointEco     minValue=45 maxValue=55 step=1              visibility=[GrandRoomMode==11]

A warning shows up in log file for each up/down click:

WARN  .w.internal.servlet.CmdServlet: Received unknown command 'Uninitialized' for item 'GrandRoomSetPointEco'

Item GrandRoomSetPointEco is not referenced in any rule.

Appreciate guidance to resolve!