Setpoint with negative min and positiv max value

please help how should be set this parametrisation from setpoint (example as setpoint shift value from heating thermostat)
Setpoint item=Temperature_Setpoint minValue=-10 maxValue=10 step=1

Is not working for me for negative values.



I am using the same syntax and it works very well in OH 1.8.3. What OH version are you using?
Have you tried adding “.0” in the minValue and MaxValue? I think I have encountered the same issue with integers!
Something like:

Setpoint item=offset label="Offset - SP [%.1f °C]" minValue=-5.0 maxValue=5.0 step=1

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It works or it doesn’t?

I have this setpoint in OH1:

Setpoint item=spp_plCorrection	minValue=-2 maxValue=2 step=0.01

Only goes from 2 to 0 but not negative.

I want to use this setpoint to set a dollar value…

Yes it works…
This link:

has the solution…

add .0 to the negative value, like so:

Setpoint item=spp_plCorrection	minValue=-2.0 maxValue=2 step=0.01
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I tested @Max_G 's solution as I head the same issue and it works fine with the added .0