Setpoints not correctly updating in UI


I’ve an odd problem with setpoints not correctly updating. In the iphone app the setpoint number doesn’t visibly change when I click the arrows; the item itself changes correctly (but invisibly) on the first press but then not on any subsequent press. In the web UI, if I click the arrows then the number changes correctly, but the whole page refreshes with the view jumping to the top of the screen (so I have to scroll down again to see the setpoint).

My item is defined as:

Number Sstudy "Study setpoint"

and then the sitemap entry is:

Number Sstudy "Study setpoint"

Is this a bug, or have I screwed up?



I believe your sitemap entry given above is incorrect. Could you confirm what it is?

crap, I copied it wrongly. Should read:

Setpoint item=Sstudy label="Target [%.1f C]" step=0.5 minValue=18 maxValue=26

sorry about that!

I have the exact same problem:


Number BlanketHours "Electric Blanket"


Setpoint item=BlanketHours label="Hours [%d]" minValue=1 maxValue=6 step=1

I think it’s down to the general problem of the iphone app occasionally stopping updating the UI. So the setpoint widget works sometimes and not other times.

So far this is the only really serious problem I’ve found with openHAB

Yes. I was just starting a new topic when this one popped up.
My setpoint changes work fine from the web UI, but so far, never from the iPhone app.

Below is the code I am using for reference.

		Setpoint item=NestTStatHome_target_temperature_low_f label="Min Temp [%.0f °F]" minValue="50" maxValue="80" step="1" visibility=[NestTStatHome_hvac_mode=="heat-cool"]
		Setpoint item=NestTStatHome_target_temperature_high_f label="Max Temp [%.0f °F]" minValue="50" maxValue="80" step="1" visibility=[NestTStatHome_hvac_mode=="heat-cool"]

If you see a bug in the iOS client, consider opening an issue that describes the issue, steps to reproduce, expected results, etc. Thanks!