Setting a Things Location in PUI

Hey there,
im running on OH2 for a while and now im trying to tidy up paperUI.
I would like to set a “Location” at Configuration- >Things->ExampleThing->edit for this reason. This works in most cases, but sometimes Im not allowed to save the changed location.

Does anybody has the same problem or any solution?


Are those things which you cannot modify created in a “*.things” file? You can only modify things discovered or created by the GUI.


I’ve encountered a similar problem. I have 8 Z-Wave nodes (discovered, not entered manually) and only one of them was refusing to save changes. To overcome this, I’ve used HABMin to changes settings for this device (including location).

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Every Thing was discovered by Paperui. Im using Homegear and Homematic Devices.
I think, that im trying this workaround with habmin tomorrow.
Thank you, Guys

Do you have anything helpful in your log file?

I found nothing in the logs, but with habmin i can change the location.