Setting a z-wave parameter directly?


There are some parameters that are not exposed in the z-wave binding, and I guess it has to do with them not being used all that much. But, some of them you need to touch just once and then forget about it.
For instance, Fibaro modules has for instance handing of z-wave ALARM frames that is set to flashing /blinking when an alarm goes off. Good for lighting, but not perhaps for a power outlet.

Ok, is it possible to just directly set a parameter to a value for a device somehow? Or is this a case where I need z-way? (I am using a Razberry 2 board).



Can you give more details please?
are you referring to device Configuration Parameters ? (e.g.
or something else?

If yes:
maybe the DB is not updated with these additional conf parameters for the specific device.
You can set a device parameter using PaperUI and/or HABmin
There is also a “trick” available to use REST API to set them

All ZWave parameters can be set through PaperUI and habmin (well or the REST API as @Dim mentioned which is what both of these tools are effectively using) as long as the database entry for the device is correctly listing the parameters.
If it does not, you need to correct the database entry by supplying the xml file there first, see instruction on chris’ database website.
You could also use Z-Way but can’t use z-way and the zwave binding at the same time so this isn’t recommended.


yes, this is the problem. For instance this unit from Fibaro (which I have used in many places of the house)

the parameter listing include 35 and then 50, but there are quite useful parameters 36-38 that handles S2 association group behaviors, and then 40-44 which handles alarm frame response behavior.
I will look into trying to understand how to add them to the database. They would be quite nice to have, and the parameters are basically the same for the double switch so it would be a useful (at least for me) to have it.

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