Setting MAX thermostats temperature offset

Hi All,

I wonder if someone could help: I have both the max cube and the cul and would like to use either one of them (can’t be combined anyway). However, I miss in both some functionality which I really would like. Maybe there is a way I don’t find, or someone could help to get it up and running. All the rest of the functionality is running fine (setting temperature, reading, battery state,…) so there is no issue in using the binding for the other settings.

I would like to set the thermostat offset temperature depending on the outside temperature. This is possible with the CUL but not with the cube.

However: I would also like the manual / auto switch functionality the thermostat offers and (as far as I found): this is not supported by the CUL (only by the cube).

If possible: I would prefer the cube offering the functionality to set the offset temperature. The max software offers this, so I am wondering if this can be done.

My system:
RPi2, openhab 1.8, 1 max cube, 1 cul, 4 thermostats, 1 RFXCom, 1 bluetooth (connection to the SMA solar inverter),