Setting Nest Home Mode

I’m trying to do something really basic that I did before with the Nest 1.x binding and it worked really well. I’m trying to create a switch on the Sitemap that will allow me to set the Nest structure to Home or Away. With the Nest 1.x binding this was easy, I created a String item and bound it to the “away” feature of the binding. Then on the sitemap created a Switch to control the string.

I’ve updated to the Nest 2.x binding and now that doesn’t seem to work anymore. This is what I have:


String	NestHome_Mode	"Mode:"			{channel="nest:structure:mattamsHouse:home:away"}


Switch	item=NestHome_Mode							icon="present"			mappings=[Home="Home", Away="Away"]

This worked really well in the original binding but not since I updated to OH2.2 stable and Nest 2.x binding. Any pointers are appreciated.


I just resolved my own issue. I looked through the code in the binding, you have to use “AWAY” and “HOME” instead of “away” and “home” now. For anyone else who runs into this issue.

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Thanks for posting this. I was playing around with this for hours trying to change my nest thermostat from Away to Home. Your post fixed it. Thanks!!!

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