Setting up a development environment

I am trying to setup the development environment using instructions from . I am using instructions for “Pure Eclipse Installations”. Once I go through all the steps, the projects in eclipse still have errors.

  1. Is this expected?
  2. There are references to missing build path entries and non-existent classes.
  3. I was never prompted to download ANTLR. Is this expected?

I am trying to get started with Z-Wave Security development and my environment is Windows 10, JAVA 1.7 JDK x64 Eclipse Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2)

And another one below:

Never mind, My eclipse was blocked on a task and as soon as all my refreshes ran through; No more errors. Now if only someone can tell me where to get started for Z-Wave security. I am looking at Dave Badia’s initial work to understand what’s happening/supposed to happen.