Setting up a Smart Lecture Room with OpenHAB – Work In Progess

Hello OpenHAB Community I’m currently working on a University Project in wich i’m trying to setup a Smart Lecture Room for my University.
The goal of this Project is to improve the capacity of the rooms, make the university more environmentally friendly and to make the regulation of the rooms more comfortable.
To achive that I’m planning to use the following sensors

   • motion
   • light
   • temperature
   • humidity

With these sensors I will try to regulate the light, the thermostat and the projector of the room.
According to the sensors the light and the beamer should switch off/on and the thermostat should adjust the temperature.

I will document the progess here and try to update this post as soon as possible.
I would like to hear your thoughts about OpenHAB and automation in a public facility and the project itself. Feel free to ask questions about the project and to give some advices.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts about the project.



Watching with interest. You could also tap into the room timetable to see when rooms have been booked. Which country is your university based in?

Interesting idea! I haven’t thought about that yet. Since the testing room is a computer lab i also thought about using the network binding to identify if there are any computers online in the room. But i wasn’t sure if that is working.

I’m studying at the university of applied sciences in Stuttgart Germany.