Setting up a switch as doorbell to activate a camera on amazon echo display

I saw in the alexa API, that there is posibility of using the API for doorbell events:
Alexa.DoorbellEventSource` interface describes an endpoint that is capable of raising doorbell events
Does the binding support that?

Would like to use it as a trigger to show my entrance camera on a echo show

This interface is not supported yet. It needs the support of proactive asynchronous response which will require an architecture change of the skill.

This is the same reason why the skill doesn’t support ContactSensor and MotionSensor interfaces in Alexa routines. The difference is that with the latter, you can request for the current sensor state, while the former, it is just event based.

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What your wanting time do is easy with the google/nest range or with any tablet and Habpanel.

With Alexa I had a quick look and the api appears to support sending a jpg file but I could not see what formats were supported for media file playback. If mjpeg or HLS formats are supported u could get a Live stream running. If MP4 Or GIF files work then you can use the ipCamera binding to record and provide that format when the Door bell is pushed.

It is better To use habpanel as it will work fully offline and without Sending data to a 3rd party. Look for the habpanel widget called ‘camera history’ as that is easy to get what your after in a single widget that can take over the screen when the bell is pushed and shows recordings of recent visitors.

The Alexa Skill API supports RTSP format. When I played with it a couple months back, it was a pain to setup as it requires the feed to be accessible on port 443 with a valid SSL certificate. I gave up in the end.

Actually it works pretty good with a the shows and fire tvs, but only if I say “Alexa, zeige Eingangskamera” - Alexa, show entrycamera. I have also a tablet with habpanel, but much more Echo Shows in the house. Just thought that the binding can replace the voice command. Is there something in the binding that can used as a replacement for the voice command? So that OH can trigger the Echo show to show the camera?

I really don’t know Alexa platform so I have zero ideas other then maybe get text to speech to talk and tell Alexa to do it :slight_smile: Maybe someone else has a better idea.

This is why I prefer to invest in a Habpanel solution.


Can you Post your items? I tried to add IT but i dont know how to configure the items for that.


I think there is no way at the moment to activate the Camera on a echo show…