Setting up DSC binding to send notification email or text


I have installed openhab2 and I have worked my way through the DSC alarm system binding tutorials. I setup manual configurations (things, items, site) files to create a basic display and I can see the system’s zones, partition, keypads and watch changes occur as things open and close. I’m using an envisalink module to interface between the alarm system and openhab.

I would like this setup to send me notifications (email or text, or I will email to Verizon’s text interface) when the system is either opened or closed or when an alarm occurs. I looking for two pointers, please: 1) how to receive/detect DSC alarm events (open, close, alarm, etc) and trigger an action, 2) recommended method for sending email and any setup suggestions to best protect username/pass when openhab connects to the email account.

Thank you!

That would be a rule

There is a mail binding. You should also search this forum for SMS etc.

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Thanks! Both rules and email are working.

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