Setting up openHAB2 from scratch

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(SiHui) #42

You need to start reading the basic docs to understand the concept of Things, Items, Channels, openHAB is not “point, click, shoot”:


(Pete Cal) #43

Thanks for the response. I will have to look into the subnet issue. I assumed that, since Configuration>Things indicate my phone is “Online”, I was meeting all the criteria.

As for SDR, sorry, it stands for Software Defined Radio. For me it is a $30 USB stick that, with appropriate software, allows me to tune to various radio signals. My home has many wireless security devices. Door sensors, window sensors, CO sensors, Heat, Smoke, Glass Break, etc. I used my SDR setup to decode the messages these devices send. I hope to build a security system that will alert me via text messages. email, voice call…whatever, when any of the sensors are tripped. OpenHAB is one of the methods I am considering. But it sure has its growing pains.

As for Radio Buttons, no big deal but the page has a checkbox. Wikipedia explains the difference:

Thanks again,


(Pete Cal) #44

I have read those docs or maybe some older versions. I read all the ones I am led to by the links from the “Online documentation” start page.
At this point, to understand the information I am trying to implement something…anything that I can relate to. Too bad there isn’t a “point, click. shoot” for a beginner to start with. Ii thought the Demo might be that but it seems to be obsolete.



(SiHui) #45

Choose package demo at your initial setup or later by changing your package selection in your addons.cfg.


(Christian Hailer) #46

OK, I see, but the (wrongly used, I see that now :slight_smile:) radio buttons only trigger the channel to be shown on the “Control” page.

You could try to just ping your phone via the command line. If it doesn’t respond, unlock your phone, maybe it has gone to sleep and you’re having the problem the guys in this thread have:

If it still doesn’t respond, then it must have to do something with your network


(Pete Cal) #47

Ping from the windows command line works fine.
That link seems to be heavy into iPhone, RPi, linix.
That is a long way from Windows and Android phone.
But, without a doubt I need to get into RPi.
I just saw a good deal on a whole kit so I ordered it.
Maybe have it by the 14th.
Now to learn linix.
I did some UNIX work over 30 years ago. I doubt I remember much more then cd…
Until then I have been following sihui’s link.
Looks like I have a lot of work “network share”, UNC paths, mount a drive. Yech.
Oh, IP:


(SiHui) #48

You may have a look into:


(Christian Hailer) #49

Could you please post a screenshot of your item configuration? Click the edit button on top of your phone thing



(Pete Cal) #50

I believe this is what you asked for.


(Christian Hailer) #51

No, I meant the configuration screen after you click on the crayon icon = edit button


(Christian Hailer) #52

Ah, I was just wondering why your channels have the string “servicedevice” in it. Is it possible that you added your phone with the “Network device with running service” option instead of the “Pingable network device” option? You would need a running service like a webserver on your phone in order to make it work.

Please try to remove your phone (trashcan icon on your screenshot) and add it through the “Pingable network device” option: Inbox -> Search for things -> Network Binding -> Add manually -> Pingable network device; then enter your phone’s IP address


(Pete Cal) #53

OK, I deleted my phone and used pingable this time. Now I have the first image below. Then I went to Control and I get the second image. Recall, I really don’t know what I am doing. I was just stepping through a tutorial (that I think was obsolete) tying to reproduce the screens in the tutorial. As I recall the tutorial showed the phone was Online but mine shows not Online.

Is there anything useful that I can do at this point? Can I get more experiance with OpenHAB while I wait for my RPi? When that arrives I may be out of commission while I try to get the system set up.


(Christian Hailer) #54

Could you please do that now?

One more thing to clarify: you run openHAB on your Windows machine, right? And you are able to ping your phone from the machine openHAB is running on, right?


(Iván ramírez alcobendas) #55

Hi, i am looking for how to do with that wonderfull tutorial do to autostart openhab. I do ./ but when i push ctrt+c or do some changes on my “home.rule” the openhab service stoped