Setting up the development environment, bazillions of errors


So I have followed the instructions here:

When it’s all done there’s an enourmous amount of errors and the OH Add-ons part of the project also seems to contain nothing (at least when selecting 2.5.x).

I think the biggest issue has to do with “gson”.

Failure to transfer from was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of openhab-release has elapsed or updates are forced. Original error: Could not transfer artifact from/to openhab-release ( No connector factories available

Missing artifact

And for some reason it seems all confused about java 11 as well despite selecting Java 8 when setting it all up.

Unbound classpath container: 'JRE System Library [JavaSE-11]' in project......

I don’t know if it’s something massively wrong with my system, but if not I believe there is a bit to work on if it takes someone already quite familiar with OpenHAB and an MSc in CS hours of failure to not even get the development environment working. The guide is quite useless if it says “do it like this” and then “solve any of the errors that should not occur and make no sense”/“do the last steps that are listed nowhere”.

Any suggestions on the errors above?

Edit: Then there’s “secrets” like this as well

Do we not want developers? I planned to make an entire binding today but have not even got the stuff to build/the bindings/addons folder to actually contain the bindings.

Updating the install/contribute instructions anyone?

Let me guess. You selected openHAB Core Framework during installation?

This might have been included in some of my eleventy-five tries with variying errors. As far as I understand the “Core Framework” is version 3.0 only (as patches are not allowed as in the case for 2.5.x).

If I want to build and run a binding, this might not be needed? I understand this might be what causes the Java 11 errors. But I’m not quite sure I understand why my addons folder is empty (even after reading the above). I have selected 2.5.X for the addons project.

Core is only needed if you want to develop on core. However as you mentioned core is only available on 3.0. For binding development you should not install core. It is not needed.

If you have selected openHAB Addons during installation. In Eclipse the Addons is empty after installation in Eclipse. However it should checkout the openhab-addons directory. Then you can import any individual addon you want to develop on. However if you select 3.0 you won’t see any addons in the openhab-addons directory because there are currently no addons yet.

Thank you! Now it actually seems like I have all the projects except the core framework in Eclipse without any errors. It’s a bit strange because earlier today I had errors in other projects as well but that might have been to some mistake I made maybe.

This might be a stupid question (haven’t read up on it yet) but would the easiest way to actually run the bindings be to install an instance of OH2 and just build the bundle and install it? Or is there some fancy way to run the binding standalone in Eclipse?

In general it is fairly easy to debug in eclipse. See the documentation page on how to do this. If you have additional libraries it might be a bit more difficult. But it also depends on your experience. Some people are familiar with remote debugging Java applications and then it might be easy to do it that way.

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