Setting values on eBUS Wolf

Hi there,
I’m new to openHAB.
I would like to send settings to my Wolf Heating (CGU-2K) via eBus. I’m able to read values from the Heating/Burner Control and the Room Control.

I would like to know if it’s possible to send these values on the EBus and try to emulate the Room Control. (Already found the “set:heating.set_program_heating_circuit.program” but I’m not able to set because I have not a Wolf BM Controller)
In addition I’m unsure if there is a paring on the eBus between the Burner Control and the Room Control. I found “Identification of eBUS devices - Request” and also a Broadcast in the eBus logs.

I know what RAW-Data the Room Controler sends to the Burner Control therefore I know that I have to send (and resend to keep the values):

  • controller.status_heat_req1 (Control Heating Status)
  • controller.status_heat_req2 (Control Heating Status)
  • controller.temp_d_boiler (Vorlauftemperatur)
  • controller.temp_d_dhw (WW Temperatur)

Is it possible to set these Values with the “set:” Parameter?


Sorry but there are not much information about the Wolf eBUS syntax. So you have to analyse the raw, unknown telegrams and create a custom json configuration file. But in general it is possible to emulate simple parts of the room control. But for complex things you need rules or internal access to the binding (java).

No, this is a broadcast. There is no setter defined.

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Thanks for your fast reply, that helped me a lot. I already know what raw data the room controller is sending. Therefore my problem isn’t to know what to send. At first I would like to keep it simple. Maybe that would be also helpful for other persons.
There is a “raw:” parameter, does it works in combination with the “refresh” parameter or do I have to create a rule in the .rules file with a time-cron?
I would like to know how to execute a eBUS send raw command out of the rules file. And maybe how it’s possible to trigger on eBUS raw data. Of course the structure of the rules file is clear to me, when - then - end and if causes. Maybe you can tell me how I’m able to send an string of hex values on the eBUS.

I had success sending hex values on the eBUS.
But it’s not possible for me to use the “data-ON:” and “data-OFF:” commands. They won’t send anything on the bus however I use “data:” with “refresh:” it’s working. Otherwise I was able to send data with my own json definition. But I have no idea how to modify values. To send these conditional to a switch or other rules.


Switch HM_HeizenSw "Heizen" {ebus="id:heating.no_of_firing, refresh:15, data:F1 03 05 07 09 BB 04 A0 05 00 80 FF 64 FF D9"}

not working:

Switch HM_HeizenSw "Heizen" {ebus="id:heating.no_of_firing, refresh:15, data-ON:F1 03 05 07 09 BB 04 A0 05 00 80 FF 64 FF D9, data-OFF:F1 03 05 07 09 00 03 50 00 00 80 FF 64 FF 1E"

Mh, it looks like data-XXX is not allowed together with id. Could you try two item like this:

Switch HM_HeizenSet "Heizen setzen" {ebus="data-ON:F1 03 05 07 09 BB 04 A0 05 00 80 FF 64 FF D9, data-OFF:F1 03 05 07 09 00 03 50 00 00 80 FF 64 FF 1E"}
Number HM_HeizenSw2 "Heizen" {ebus="id:heating.no_of_firing, refresh:15}

Please ignore last post, it is maybe wrong.

Sadly it’s not working. Toggling the switch does not affect in sending data.

Did you ever get this to work?

Yes! But I think I used another way. I don’t use openhab anymore, but in the end I used the ebusd cmd tool to send control commands.