Settings for persistence addon

So. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this or not, but i have built a persistence addon for elasticsearch. And thought that i could add settings to it like with regular bindings.
But then it occurs to me that atleast i wont be able to see the settings in the gui since the persistence thingys aren’t displayed there.
Whats the plan for this in the future, will they ever show up or is it textfile config for those?
And secondly does settings for a persistenceservice work the same way as for a regular binding?


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Hi Christer,

You are right that there is no dedicated category in the Paper UI for persistence services, but you can nonetheless add them to Configuration->Services, see how it was done for the JDBC persistence.

Hope this answers your question!

Awesome, thanks.


Hey, did you ever publish this? I would love to use my existing ES service for persistence.