Setup Bluetooth Speaker

Hey Together,

found some old post for this Topic but didnt get something runnig… ist there any possibility to get Buetooth Speaker to Play online Streams? I got the Bluetooth Binding running, but Displays my devices just as bluetooth:beacon:xxxx, no idea how to get this connected to an playStream(“xxxx”)… is this even possible?

I use the latest OH2.3.0-1 on Stretch

thanks in Advantage

I’m pretty sure it’s not. The BT binding tells you whether the device is there or not but doesn’t implement any media capabilities as far as I’m aware. You will have to connect something to this speaker that OH can talk to.

sad to hear, but was expecting something like that…Anyone kows some working solution? I want to create some Rule which selects an audio Stream and plays it on an defined bluetooth device (simple bluetooth speaker). My problem is, I dont understand how to connect the bluetooth to openhab. Would be great if someone who already got it running can help me in this case or point me on some functions I did not see :slight_smile:

thanks and greetings

You don’t. You connect OH to something that connects to the BT speaker, like a Chomecast Audio or Pi MusicBox or the like. But realize that OH is all about home automation, not media automation. There are far better tools out there for managing media like this.

ok, thank you, i´ll go on trying :-).
Greetings Andy