Setup clarification

i’d like to clarify the setup. I read many topics and I think I’m in the circle. I try to ask clearly.
1.Can openHAB and zigbee gateway communicate directly(no cloud) without mqtt? Preciselly I have Tuya S6E Panel
2.To configure gateway to work with zigbee2mqtt do I need to install zigbee2mqtt on Tuya Control Panel?
3.I guess if steps 1 and 2 fails, then to get rid of cloud, I need to install USB stick with extra firmware, right?

I managed to get visible in openHAB the gateway and temerature sensor via Tuya Bindings, but they need IP adrress. Both are on the same IP(gateway), so only one works at the same time.

I think topic might be too wide, but thank you in advance for the answers.

A Zigbee network needs a coordinator. ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB lists the coordinators supported by the Zigbee Binding. ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB lists the channel types supported by the Zigbee Binding. No need for cloud or MQTT, if your Zigbee device is supported by the openHAB Zigbee Binding.

If you are going to use your S6E Panel as a Zigbee coordinator, follow the instructions on Run Zigbee2MQTT on Tuya T6E Android Smart Home Panels | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans to install Zigbee2MQTT. Then install the openHAB MQTT Binding:

Zigbee device #1, #2, … <-> S6E (Zigbee coordinator running Zigbee2MQTT) <-> MQTT Binding (openHAB) <-> openHAB.

For better answers, please describe in more detail what you are going to accomplish.

The Tuya Binding (addons/bundles/org.smarthomej.binding.tuya at 3.2.x · smarthomej/addons · GitHub) uses Wifi, not Zigbee.

Thank you Ap15e for answer, seems to me clear now. I bought panel to use it as gateway, so I’ll try guide you sent, plus mqtt. I don’t want to use usb stick, because my openhab on server is in closed room and I’m afrais of poor signal.

Undoubtedly, it is best if the coordinator is physically located at the center of your Zigbee network. However, this is not mandatory, as (almost) all mains powered Zigbee devices act as routers.

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