Setup concept of openhab2 with Raspberry pi and WIFI

Dear all,

I am very interested in setting up a smart home project in my new flat.

My concept looks like this:

  • Raspberry pi 3 b+ running openHab2
  • WIFI router running a WIFI without access to the internet
  • various devices (e. g. Xiaomi vacuum)

Is it possible to run openHab2 on the Raspberry pi 3 b+ and at the same time running a WIFI network from the Raspberry pi? Which means I won’t need a WIFI router?
I think, it sould be work. Try it out.

While you could turn a Raspi into an access point (= WiFi router), I clearly recommend against doing so, even more so if you want it to be the openHAB server.
Don’t understand your concept anyway. Anybody has internet and a WiFi router at home, don’t you ?
That doesn’t mean you must configure your Raspi to have connectivity to the internet.

Just to add a bit to the existing comments.

Is it technically possible? Probably. There is probably enough power in a RPi 3 to run as an AP and to run a very modest OH server.

I suspect what you are after is having a separate network for your home automation segregated from your main network and isolated from the Internet, correct? Or if not isolated, at least not directly connected to the Internet and needing to go through your main network Gateway to get here.

If this is your goal, again, it is probably possible to do this. People have set up WiFi APs and repeaters using ESP8266s so I don’t see why an RPi couldn’t do it.

Should you do this? I’m not so sure. A travel wifi router will run you between $20-$50. A cheap 802.11b/g/n router will run you $20-$30. I’m sure you can find all of these much cheaper if you search hard or look at used hardware. Just from the cost of labor perspective, it doesn’t make much sense to me to build your own AP on the RPi.

Furthermore, you should have plenty of settings in your existing wifi router to block your RPi’s access to the Internet. Or you can configure the RPi itself so it cannot connect to the Internet. So I tend to agree, without out more information about your overarching goals I can’t say I’d recommend your approach.