Setup for "paired" senders/receivers using lighting2

I am currently moving all my 433MHz devices from Tellstick to RFXCOM. I have several Nexa devices that show up as Lighting2 in RFXCOM. Some senders and receivers receivers are “paired”, i.e., the receiver is associated with the code of the sender. For example, wall switch is paired with a plugin receiver that controls light, so that it works even if OH should go down.

I cannot decide what is the best way to include these devices. I can see at least three different options, but do not have enough experience to weight their pluses and minuses. I believe that all three options would allow me to control the receiver also from OH:

  1. Use a single Thing for the pair and just make separate Items for the sender (wall switch) and the receiver (plugin), connected to different channels (Command and Contact). This feels a bit inconsistent with the rest, since receivers/plugins not paired with any sender will be modelled with their own Things.

  2. Use two things, but keep the same device id for both … Is this a good idea (or even possible at all), or would I be asking for trouble?

  3. Create a new thing for the receiver, with a new device id, and associate the reciever with it (it can be associated with several devices). This sounds like the “most proper” solution, but also the most complicated one.

Any suggestions/comments?

You have 2 devices, so you should have 2 things. In the OH concepts, a Thing is normally ONE physical device.
So option No 2 looks like the way forward.