Setup Helper Librarys for OH3

Hi there,

After successfully migrating from OH2 to OH3, I would now like to start mapping my rules in Jython.
Unfortunately, the documentation situation is currently still quite thin and I would be happy to receive advice.
I’m using OH3:latest on a PI4 in Docker.
In the first step, I have tried to implement the helper implemented

In a test script I have tried to do some imports:

from core.rules import rule
from core.triggers import when
from core.actions import ScriptExecution
from java.time import ZonedDateTime as DateTime

“core.rules” is importable.
“core.triggers” --> is missing joda.time
“core.actions” --> is missing smarthome

By my understanding in OH3 the neccessary python environment is there at the moment, you have installed the python scripting method.

Helper Libraries are additional and you only have to put the 2 directories in your automation path.
What I am doing wrong?

Did you get the oh3-patch branch / PR? The original / main branch is not yet updated to work with OH3

Yes, I forgot " --branch oh3-patch" :tired_face:

Now it is working.
Thank you!