Setup Homekit integration Openhab2

i am using openhab2 Sanp for ubuntu core on RPI3.
could your please explain after installing HomeKit add-on . do i have to create files manually

if so openhab2 is installed in snap/openhab/ --> do i have to creat homekit config file

i am also not able to add new thing as it ask for bindings . do i have you create items file manually .

There is nothing special with using the snap install for these things. Please see:


i have created these two files files .


do i also have to create sitemap file . and then hot to link those items to things . anybody for help

Yes. You must create a .sitemap file as described in the beginner’s tutorial here

Now OpenHab accessory has started showing in IOS Home App. it is detecting
it very nicely.

i wanted to now use MQTT boaker to send command to NodeMCU ESP8255 . that
will have relay fixed .

so working on it . now .

Hej @dpat123, how did it go with this? Where you able to control your items on the mqtt network from the homekit app?

Yes it works. Using mqtt.

Hi all - using 2.3 -

a great video is showing how to setup homekit:

This really works great if you follow the instructions.

My question: How to add more items? I just added “Lighting” to more items in the items file, but had to reconfigure the iphone to get the new items visible…

Any thoughts how to bring them to life?