Setup KNX installation in OH from scratch - How to?

Hello community!

I am currently discovering OH2 as I am looking for an alternative for my Schneider Homelink visualisation. I have managed to add my bindings, misc etc via config files (with VSC)

My problem is the following:
I understood that there are multiple ways of configuring: via config files or paper ui. But can someone explain to me how I start adding my KNX functionalities into OpenHab with a config file?

I have configured my KNX installation with ETS5 and I also have a list of all my group addresses.

What I did so far:

  1. Clean install on Rasberry
  2. Installation + config of VSC
  3. Installation of the bindings I need (such as KNX)
  4. Added via paper ui the KNX modules I have installed (and they are all online)

My question:
How and where do I feed OH with all the group addresses and how do I configure the functionalities such as switching light on and off?

Big thanks in advance for helping me on my way

Start by referring to the KNX binding specific documentation and examples

and do come back with more specific questions.

Thank you this already helps me alot!

I came in to one small issue when configuring my shutter:
Moving up, down and stopping with the buttons in the UI is working fine. But when the shutter goes to a new position, the % is not automatically updated. It updates only when I refresh the page (so does the icon)

Is there a way that this value is automatically modified when the shutter stops moving so you have an actual status value?

First, find and look in your events.log to see if and when your Item gets updated with new position.
Then you will be able to decide if you have an update problem or just a display refresh problem.

If it looks like a UI issue, you will have to say what UI. There are several.

Maybe you have to restart openHAB. Especially when changing something in your sitemap, it’s not unusual that autoupdate stops working for Basic UI.

Good morning Udo,

Thank you for this feedback! I have noticed that it takes a while before OH updates this automatically.
There is nothing special to set or do.

So far things are working fine, with the help of the documentation I already got very far! It’s a bit addictive when you manage to get your stuff working :wink:

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