Setup of new Modbus-Sunspec Binding

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Hi Folks,

I just updated to Release 2.5.4 to connect my SolarEdge SE8K using the new modbus-sunspec Binding. I installed Modbus Binding and Sunspec and created the Bridge and Inverter Things using PaperUI:

Although the SE8K is a 3 phase inverter, I used the single phase inverter Thing because it’s the only one the Binding seems to offer:

Then I configured the items in an item file:

// SolarEdge SE8K
Number:Temperature		PV_WR_CaseTemperature			"WR Temperatur Gehäuse [%.1f °C]"		<temperature>			{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:deviceInformation#cabinet-temperature"}
Number:Temperature		PV_WR_HeatsinkTemperature		"WR Temperatur Kühlkörper [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>			{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:deviceInformation#heatsink-temperature"}
Number:Temperature		PV_WR_TransformerTemperature	"WR Temperatur Transformator [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>			{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:deviceInformation#transformer-temperature"}
String					PV_WR_Status					"WR Status"														{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:deviceInformation#status"}
Number:ElectricCurrent	PV_WR_AC_Total					"WR AC Strom [%.1f A]"											{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:acGeneral#ac-total-current"}
Number:Power			PV_WR_Power						"PV Leistung [%.1f W]"											{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:acGeneral#ac-power"}
Number:Frequency		PV_WR_Frequency					"AC Frequenz [%.2f Hz]"											{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:acGeneral#ac-frequency"}
Number					PV_WR_Powerfactor				"Leistungsfaktor [%.2f]"										{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:acGeneral#ac-power-factor"}
Number:Power			PV_WR_PowerTotal				"PV Leistung Gesamt [%.1f Wh]"									{channel="modbus:inverter-single-phase:795e6134:acGeneral#ac-lifetime-energy"}

But I get no readings:

Is there some documentation on using the Sunspec Binding or does anybody have an hint on where to start debugging?
Both things are marked as online, but how can I tell if the Modbus-TCP connection works?

Many thanks for your help in advance!


Hi Folks,

shortly after posting this I figured out, that I need a 3rd Thing (Poller), so I created it and set the parameters like in the example mentioned below, but it still doesn’t work. I still don’t get any updates in one of the channels.
So I tried to setup the Modbus connection the “old-fashioned” way using this example: Solaredge inverter via Modbus TCP 2
And this worked from the start, so it’s obviously not the inverter or the network connection.

Any guide to setup the Sunspec Binding will be much appreciated.


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