Setup on windows and configuring for mqtt with esp8266

I am a beginner and having a hard time with using it on windows. I have no clue on what should be editted in configuration or anything for that matter.

Can anyone please explain on what should be done on the server side (openhab) and the code to be written on esp8266 (ESP - 01), i am using arduino ide to write on esp.

I am thinking of using MQTT.

Can some one give these details and if possible spare time to please give an example on the complete code to be written on esp and openhab.

Also if i can get a site where i can learn of all these in detail would be of great help.

Thank you

MQTT is a great choice. You will need to run an MQTT broker somewhere; Linux users typically use mosquitto. The openHAB MQTT binding would subscribe to topics that your Arduino code publishes to, and vice versa if you want to send commands to the Arduino from openHAB.

i have the brief idea but i dont know what and how to do them


Maybe check out the stuff here for a few ideas,

I am going to give it a try, just waiting for my radios to arrive.


Thanks man,

is there any other site where i can also get the syntax and info on how to write the items, config files etc

guys can someone please give a link where i can learn how to change the config file, site map, rules and items…

Look here at the sidebar on the right, where you will find Items, Sitemaps, Rules and many other topics.

I use arduino’s with ethernet shields and MQTT on a windows server. I just installed mosquitto as a service on my PC. I have all my arduino code in my github if you want to look at it. Here is a link to a simple example where I read a ADC and write the value to MQTT. If you need anymore help please let me know.

thank you guys… i’ll look into it and if i have any doubts i’ll get back…

again… thanks a lot