Setup OpenHab is it right?

So I installed the latest version of openHAB 2, the stable version on Ubuntu 18.04 . When I go to the console on port 8080 it comes up, however the LOG VIEWER I installed shows it’s dead on port 9001. This is an Ubuntu install using openhabian and the configurator. Also the Home Builder screen comes up blank. Logs show zero errors. Just some [INFO] entries. Something specific I could be looking at?

Should also note that when I go to the bindings screen it’s really slow and the search is a bit cluggy. When I search the first time it takes a bit to start filtering and when I go back to search again it blanks the current search but can’t seem to type there for a while for some reason.



When you use the manual installation, you have to go through the menus to install third party services like Frontail. I think the Home Builder is installed from the Misc tab under Add-ons in PaperUI.