Setup openHAB on Proxmox

Hi Everyone,

New video out today - I setup a homelab using Proxmox and install openHAB into the virtual environment. If you are interested in me creating more content for openHAB please leave comments on the video and let me know what you would like to see next.

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: Sorry guys, I updated the thumbnail to be a little more home assistant biased, but I wasn’t getting any views - and if people don’t watch, its no good to anyone - hopefully a few of the HA crowd will give oepnHAB a try because of it!


Good video.
I have been using proxmox and openhab for years and the best part of proxmox is the snapshots. I snapshot before making major changes and if it crashes after an upgrade I can roll it back like the upgrade never happened.
Also the proxmox backup is very good as well.

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Thank you! I wanted to keep it fairly simple, I know it scares people away, but once they try it they don’t go back. I might do a deeper dive in the future if ppl seem interested. Its also a great way to keep up to date on different options and systems!

I also like it because it creates a nice place to easily try things out - can’t tell you how many times I spin things up that I would not have tried otherwise!

Thanks for watching!

Nice video!

I’m using Proxmox since many years (PVE4.x?), coming from xen and Proxmox was a game changer. Much less complexity - with xen, I used md/raid to create a raid5, then used lvm to get some sort of (temporal) snapshots and rsnapshot to automate replication.
Now on Proxmox simply use zfs, zfs-autosnapshot and zfs send to get much, much more…

I’d like to mention that an lxc is even easier to setup, I don’t know though if this is easy for Home Assistant, too. (probably not as easy as the script…)

Do you know about

There are tons of ready-to-use scripts to automatically create LXCs and/or VMs (Home Assistant and openHAB already included)


Good video @yoyoTechKnows .
It would be nice if you could also show the necessary setup for a Zigbee USB dongle in order to be used by openHAB

Another thing I would like to see, and since you have both openHAB and Home Assistant in Proxmox, is what would be a good way to setup a MQTT broker in Proxmox , LXC or VM, that could be used to transfer info between openHAB and HomeAssistant.

I actually just under went a change to do a dedicated MQTT broker in docker via Hashicorp Nomad as I also switched from the Zwave binding to ZwaveUI (which also leverages Nomad/docker). For some reason when I upgraded to OH 4.1 in my original LXC all of my door sensors were not being acknowledged and caused me a week long headache trying to figure out why the binding wouldn’t receive the status changes.

The beauty of Nomad is that I can restart the VM on one of 3 ProxMox hosts and the docker containers will spin up somewhere else. The only one that won’t work with is the host that has the Zwave hardware as I pinned the container to always run on that host. I also setup an overlapping docker network to allow me to static IP the containers for various hardware discoveries to happen (Kasa outlet, LG TV, etc).

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