Setup Problems with OpenHabian and SiliconLab UZB-7 (z-wave)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • OS: OpenHabian 32bit 1.6.1
    • Java Runtime Environment: ?
    • openHAB version: 2.5.10-1
  • Issue of the topic:

I first setup a OpenHab System (2.3.x) with z-wave devices and got it running. Since then the system has deteriorated quite a bit and is barely usable - unfortunatly.
Since the serial interface was/is an AEOTEC stick, I decided for a fresh start. I got another raspberry pi 4, got a Silicon Lab UZB-7 (Firmware 7.11).

I installed a running version with the above version numbers. The UZB-7 registers as online in the configuration. (I exclusively work in PaperUI)

However, I have severe troubles getting zwave devices to register. I tried for several weeks now. I have excluded one of the z-wave devices from the working setup (a devolo thermostat) and tried to include it into the new openHab.

The problem is, that during inclusion, the zwave device is discovered, but it does not initialise correctly and is therfore unusable.

After resetting the thermostat, I can include it with the AEOTEC interface, so I rule out a faulty thermostat.

So since it registers fine with an AEOTEC setup, why does it not register with the Silicon Labs? What do I miss. I tried including is many times (I only exclude with the PC Configurator of SiliconLabs, since I also did not find a way to safely exclude in openHab).

below are the properties:
|zwave_beaming |true|
|zwave_class_basic |BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE|
|zwave_class_generic |GENERIC_TYPE_THERMOSTAT|
|zwave_frequent |false|
|zwave_listening |false|
|zwave_neighbours ||
|zwave_nodeid |2|
|zwave_routing |true|
|zwave_secure |false|
|zwave_version |0.0|

what am I missing?


That is a 700 series (Z-Wave Plus 2) controller not supported by the binding. the binding only supports Z-Wave & Z-Wave Plus.


So that means I have to search for another controller then…

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You should be able to fix the system with your old stick. Perhaps zombie nodes on the network are messing it up. Windows PC Controller software can remove them from the network on the stick.

After that is fixed you could set upOH3 & use the remoteopenhab binding to get your OH2 Items into OH3. you can then migrate & test your rules.

Finally you could move your stick & re-link your OH3 Items to the binding nodes.

IMO the first step it to fixt your current network Unfiltered debug logs are useful for that. The binding docs show how to gather them.

Also useful is the log viewer here.