Setup trouble installing OH 2.5.4 on openhabian

Hi, I just tried to update OH from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4 using the openhabian config tool. The procedure failed with:

Setting up openhab2 (2.5.4-1) …

[openHAB] Listing important changes for version 2.5.4:
Warning: Mail Binding: The option ‘TLS’ of configuration parameter ‘security’ has been renamed to ‘STARTTLS’ and thus needs to be changed in existing configurations.
Warning: Satel Binding: New rule action ‘readEvent’ for reading records from the event log has been added. All channels of ‘event-log’ thing are now obsolete and will be removed in the future. See documentation for further information.

[openHAB] openHAB was not running so will not start after upgrade.
[openHAB] Please use the command:
sudo /bin/systemctl start openhab2.service

Updating FireMotD available updates count …

$ adduser openhab gpio
The user openhab' is already a member of gpio’.

$ systemctl daemon-reload

$ systemctl enable --now openhab2
systemctl: unrecognized option ‘–now’
FAILED (usr)

After manual start of openhab, I got lots of error logs, stop/start seem to have solved them (still debugging). Upgrade script trouble ?

Best, Markus

Clearing cache & sometimes tmp & restarting openHAB up to 3 times appear to be the “new normal” when upgrading, unfortunately.

When I last upgraded, openHAB did not read my all of my configuration files until I restarted openHAB.