Setup Visual Studio Code for developing bindings

I tried to follow this guide:

… but where should I put that openhab-addons git clone?

The binding I will try to fix is cloned to: c:\git\org.openhab.binding.rflink
I tried to clone openhab-addons to c:\git\openhab-addons but that didn’t help.

I guess I need a more detailed guide to setup the IDE. Help please?

I think I got it working after some search on Google.

To start with I think it’s could be a good idea to explane that you first clone openhab-addons and then put your binding in the cloned openhap-addons folder.

Then I got stuck on missing mvn exec. I thought it was installed with the extension “Maven for Java” but I guess it was not. I had to download it, extract it and set the path to that installed bin folder. Now I can create my package and start my development.

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