Setup Wizard 'Choose Binding' empty

Hi all,

I’m a little confused at how to get OH2 up and running. I’ve got a working OH1.8 install, but I’m having enough issues with it that I want to move to OH2. I’ve 10 z-wave items and use the likes of astro, MQTT, etc.

I’ve installed OH2 and am trying to start very basic. I’ve copied the zwave jar and the habmin jar into the addons folder, and configures the zwave.cfg in services. When I hit the server URL I am presented with 3 options - PaperUI, Rest API, and Classic UI - no Habmin.

On loading PaperUI, the UI works but it’s relatively empty. Going to the ‘Setup Wizard’ tells me that my inbox is empty but that I can ‘search for things’. When clicking this I see ‘Setip Wozard > Choose Bindings’, but a blank page - there are no bindings available for me to choose. As a result I can’t configure any items.

Now Z-Wave itself is, I think, working, as running in debug I see all of the normal traffic to my devices (e.g. 2015-11-05 21:31:40 [DEBUG] [.z.internal.ZWaveActiveBinding:450 ] - NODE 10: Got a value event from Z-Wave network, endpoint = 0, command class = SWITCH_MULTILEVEL, value = 0), but obviously the values aren’t assigned to any items, as there are none.

In an effort to get some items into the system, and having read Chris’ comment here (, I copied in one of my item files from OH1.8. This seems to have made no difference whatsoever.

So, my issues are:

  1. Why can’t I see the binding in the PaperUI, and therefore cannot see/configure items; and
  2. Why can’t I access Habmin?

I expect that the issues are related and that it’s some small oversight that I’ve made, but I can’t figure out what it could be.


As a little more info, it would seem that my ‘items’ file was loaded successfully, as the items are being assigned values as I manipulate the physical devices. This makes me think that I can import all of my items and rules, and hopefully they’ll work - I’ll try that tomorrow.

That leaves me without Habmin to configure devices, and the PaperUI that’s still empty. And also without a sitemap, but I expect that I can bring that in too.

If by “the binding” you mean zwave, then this is an OH1 binding, so it won’t show up in the bindings list. If you copy the items files over, then they should work fine since the item file format is the same as OH1.

Is it installed? You don’t say if the JAR exists? If it does, make sure it downloaded correctly as the most common problem is the file download fails and the file ends up being quite short.

Thanks for the quick response. Items and rules now imported. Habmin is 42k so I guess it’s short, do you have a link to one handy? The one I found is 5 months old, which I was suspicious of considering how active I know you are.

Yep - that’s “a little” short :smile: It should be about 4MB I think…

I don’t have one handy - the one of Github is still the latest (despite the age) but there’s normally a RAW link - this might be more successful (it’s quite unreliable unfortunately).

The reason it’s still a bit old is I’m waiting to get the OH2 ZWave binding out to release the next version, so things are developing in another branch…

Got you. I got a 2.9mb Habmin file from github, and it loads. If I view my sitemap in Habmin I see my items, and they respond to input. I can now see the config for my items in Habmin, which is great.

The classicUI isn’t showing any items/groups yet, so can’t control things yet. So my current issue is an empty sitemap, which I periodically got with OH1.8 (that’s why I’m upgrading - sitemap seemed to break periodically - without me touching it - requiring a full reinstall). I’ll come back to investigate this tomorrow night.

Should I expect the PaperUI to be empty for the time being?

Thanks again for the speedy response, its much appreciated.

Yes - to get PaperUI to show devices they need to be in certain groups or tags (I forget exactly what’s needed). This is automatically configured when adding things through an OH2 binding, but it’s a bit less obvious/simple with items that are defined through the text files.