Setup your own openhab-cloud (myopenhab) server/instance

I just pulled down the latest published docker image and ran against my config without the APN section and it works for me. Can you verify your config file is properly formed after removing the APN section? Thats the only thing i can think of that might cause a quick crash.

I’ll recheck, but all I did was delete the lines in full. I’m also not running docker, im running native on the box as this was just an upgrade for me.

My config is:

  "key" : "some express key"
"gcm" : {

Which I believe should be fine.

Confirmed I’m on the correct commit:

# git log
commit b97897ad2a3918a826e45674fd8ad53ceb65a1db (HEAD -> main, origin/main, origin/HEAD)
Author: Dan Cunningham <>
Date:   Sat Apr 3 14:26:08 2021 -0700

I attempted to use the docker image, that’s also not working. I’m going to try to build a docker image, but not sure that will do anything.

Docker is no going to help, i’m not sure what else is breaking for you. Did you do a npm install before you ran it?

Go figure this one out, it works when i build a docker image locally. The pulled image doesn’t work. Native doesn’t work. I made no changes to the configs after I did docker pull versus docker build.

What docker image are you using, i’m assuming the latest tag? (i have not tagged a version number yet) Also did you do a npm install when building locally? Thats the only thing i can think of that would be different from building and running with docker vs running node alone.

Process was:

Git clone new folder
Make config changes
Npm install
Attempt node app.js (fail)
Change .env in docker folder
Docker pull
Attempt docker (fail)
Docker build
Attempt docker (successful)

What’s the output with --trace-warnings, and what version of mongodb are you using?

Actually i get no output / warnings:

sudo node app.js -- trace-warnings

But it seems like it is still not working:

curl http://localhost:3000
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 3000: Connection refused

this is the version:

db version v3.6.8

So not entirely sure why, but the only way I’ve been able to make this work is by building the docker container directly. Running native or a pulled docker image have both failed with the errors. I’m back up, but it wasn’t the most fun thing.

There should be no space between the dashes and the ‘trace-warnings’:

sudo node app.js --trace-warnings

sorry, my mistake - i tried again, but no changes:

sudo node app.js --trace-warnings

is it normal that the command “keeps running” and i cant enter the next command?

Hallo all,

I have installed the Version 1.0.12 of openhab cloud with node7 but i only can read my items an dont Change it. Wheres the error?

Sorry, unfortunately I did not solve the problem. My cloud is still not running.
I was hoping that an updated version would be made available somehow :slight_smile:

Hi - there was an issue for the Mongoose versions. Refer here: node.js - Warning: Accessing non-existent property 'MongoError' of module exports inside circular dependency - Stack Overflow

npm install mongoose@5.12.1 

Hi All,
After following the guide, I am able to setup the OH Cloud.
However, I am only able to access the instance using the IP Address of my server but no domain name.

I am able to access the default nginx site on https without any issue but just when I try to open the site with 3000 as port, it won’t show up and throws the error:

Am I missing anything here?

I have opened a new discussion regarding this at the following URL:

HI dastrix80 hope your doing well. i’m facing the same issues. can you please share with me how to set up the config.js? thank you

I never set it up in the end, it just flat out didnt work… too difficult with no documentation

I uploaded my nginx configuration at

My config.json is as follows:
config.json.txt (1.5 KB)

oh thank you in fact i need to acces openhab local via the link “Your openHAB is online. [Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard]”.