Several button pressed in GUI on 1 line

I would like the buttons to be activated to tell me what kind of presence that are detected, so if my phone is on WIFI and Bluetooth I want both items to lit up, is this somehow possible in OH2?

This did not work:


Not possible. Only one can be highlighted at a time in Basic UI, Classic UI and the phone apps.

There might be something clever that could be done in HABpanal but it might require custom code to make it work.

Your best bet would be to use a String Item and a Rule to put in those sensors that are ON or use multiple lines.

The answer is maybe a bit late but yes, I’d also vote for the string solution. That’s how I do these kind of things all the time, e.g. in the Speedtest example: Speedtest-cli Internet Up-/Downlink Measurement Integration (look out for the item SpeedtestSummary)

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Just an idea,
Lets work with the example above:

This gives us 7 different possible combinations, What if we make 7 images, can we get that to look nice in the GUI(scalable etc)?

Otherwise string formatting with colors might be a better solution than writng AWAY(OFF) NETATMO (ON) WIFI(ON) BLUETOOTH (OFF)

So many options :slight_smile: Of course you can solve this in more than one way. My solution would have been something along:

Kim ....... Available (Netatmo, Wifi)

but you can probably achieve the same thing with the sitemap image element and custom images showing the netatmo and wifi logo. Let us have a look at your result!

(Actually, in my very personal and unrelated opinion, the technical means of how you were found at home should not be of interest to the normal viewer of the sitemap - but yet again we are all nerds and love this kind of stuff :smile:)

Agree, For me its just a quick way to see if the network and the burgular alarm(netatmo) is up running instead of going into admin sitemap where I have all the details. I have the presence items inside the hallway frame in my sitemap, and then in the hallway I have that frame showing on a wall mounted tablet, so when I leave/come i just need to take a quick glance on it to make sure its working instead of browsing into the admin sitemap.

Will format the string as you suggested

Given that is your use case, wouldn’t a simple Switch showing you that the alarm is up and running more appropriate? You can use a rule to integrate the Items that tell you when the netamo is up. I do something similar with this.

My UI philosophy is that it should be explicit and simple. To me, having to look at a presence field and interpret that to tell me whether the netamo is up is more complex and less explicit than a Switch telling me it is up or not. Let a Rule do the interpretation for me.

So, for me, I have a global online group that I put on my sitemap as Text. When all my devices are online it shows ON and all is good. If any device goes offline or hasn’t been heard from in too long of a time, the Group goes OFFand I then can bring up the admin sitemap to see what device it is and debug from there.

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