Several "OpenHab is not available" from Google Assistant

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of “OpenHab is not available” messages from Google assistant. If I try the command seconds later, it will work with no issue. It’s about a 60/40 ratio of working, to not working. I’m guessing that it’s a timeout between the Google servers, and the OpenHab cloud services, as sometimes OpenHab will be reported as not available, but the command executes (eventually)… What worries me is that nobody else has reported any issue!

I can’t think of any way that I can troubleshoot this … any ideas?

OH 2.4 release.

I’m new to OpenHAB2 and got this error too. It’s up an running but give an error.
Meanwhile I can see multiple entries in the authorisation list like this, so it at least tries somehow:
“Tomorrow at 12:13 AM Google Google Assistant Voice Control”.
And I totally hate the “tomorrow”(???)/“AM”/“PM” etc. stuff in dates!
EDIT: After searching, I found out that it didn’t like my items. I now started with Switch TestSwitch "Test Switch" [ "Switchable" ]. It turns out I had generated items with two tags, which doesn’t seem to be supported.


Nope no solution i guess. I’ve got the same problem or worse even. I cant connect my OH 2.5M3 with Google home at all. Every time i try it tells me it cant update settings for openhab.

very curious if others have problems as well and if it’s maybe due to google’s servers or software changes?