Share openhab folders on RPI


I’m trying to setup openhab2 beta 4 on a RPI according the instructions on the documentation page. Openhab is up and running, but i’m not able to share the 2 folders. The docunmentation descripes how to add a new samba user, via the smbpasswd command, but in my installation the smbconf file uses ‘tbdsam’ as password database. Does anyone what action i can take from here?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @wouti, tbdsam doesn’t ring any bells, google found a few articles on it.
What’s the state of your RPi, do you know why it is behaving differently? Are you willing to just replace the present samba configuration by the default configuration?

Did you consider using openHABian? openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup

Hello @ThomDietrich,

i just reinstalled samba, it solved the issue.

Thanks for your help.