Share private cloud and private amazon-openhab skill

is it possible to share to other (family) users the amazon-skill to view in the store of other user (but keeping private) so the skill can be used without deployed from the other users?


I am not sure if I fully got your question. Let’s check:

  • you host your own ( private ) cloud installation
  • you run your own alexa skill instance on AWS
  • the alexa skill is still in ‘development’ and not deployed
    ( that means it is visible to you only but not to the public )
  • now you would like to open it to your family ( resp. selected list of users ) but not the public
  • skill is to be used with your OH instance

Is that correct ? Do I miss something ?

Yes correct so other users with other account on private openhab cloud can use same skill (pointing to my private openhab cloud) without re-deploy the lamba.

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