Share what you have done with MotionEye

Hi All,

I have been running a MotionEye server in conjunction with OpenHabian for the past three years and am looking for tips and tricks that other users came up with and are willing to share.
At this point, the only things that I have done with MotionEye is to utilize the motion detection to trigger a proxy motion switch in OpenHab by a web hook url. I have also been able to send images to my phone via telegram and scripts in OpenHab. I have not played around with running commands in MotionEye itself.
Just looking for what others may have done with MotionEye and Openhab.


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That’s all I’ve done too. It works really well, though I need to spend some time refining the motion detector. I also display video frame in my sitemap and my HABpanel.

I recently switched switched over to motioneye from Shinobi. I was frustrated with some aspects of that project and found motioneye to be a great, lightweight, simple project to spin up.

I run both motioneye and openHAB in Docker containers on a dedicated headless Ubuntu server.

I have since moved on to only using Motion because MotionEye started acting up. I think it uses less resources, and I like the ability to modify things in text files. I have a raspberry pi 3b running as a camera and Motion server and 8 other Pi Zero W cameras running motion on raspbian buster lite. Still playing around with what I can get it to do. I was able to keep the same rules and scripts I had with MotionEye.

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I actually don’t have any Pis involved in my setup, which is ironic given i know the project started as a way to use a Pi as a stand-alone camera. I actually am using RTSP POE cameras.

I’m certainly not against using text files for setup but I do like the MotionEye http page for live view and for reviewing historical footage.

Noob here, would love to see how you did the web hook url.